“To be one ask one”
Masons are not allowed to solicited others for membership. You can become a Mason by asking a fellow Mason or contacting the lodge directly.

Requirements to become a Mason

1. Belief in the supreme being and the eternity of the soul
2. Man of lawful age (in some jurisdictions is 18 in others is 21)
3. Coming of his own free will and accord. (The candidate must not have been solicited or pressured by anyone and he must come to the Fraternity of his own free will)
4. Have a good reputation (being a man of good repute with high morals and integrity)
5. Free born (a free thinker without prejudice towards any race, religion, political affiliation or orientation) in Masonry it is forbidden to speak about religion, race or politics.
6. Coming recommended. (one or more brothers has to vouch for him)
7. Once the person shows his intend to join the fraternity, after visiting the lodge and meeting the brothers he may apply  and if passed the necessary investigations the candidate is put to vote and must be accepted unanimously.