Raven’s Rock Lodge 870

Raven’s Rock Lodge was chartered in 2018 by a handful of Brothers who aspired in creating a lodge by following the Masonic traditional observance along with progressive views to fit the current lifestyle and condition.
Implementing the Masonic principles in our daily life, helping the needy, getting involved in our community, creating true leaders and life long friends and brothers in the most friendly atmosphere are some of this Lodge’s undertaking.

Raven's Rock Lodge 870
Freemasonry is
Grand Lodge of California

Freemasonry is the world’s first and largest fraternal organization. It
is guided by the enduring belief that everyone has a responsibility to
make the world a better place.  For 300 years, Freemasonry has enhanced
and strengthened the character of individual men by providing
opportunities for fellowship, charity, and the search for truth – within
ourselves and the larger world.  Through Freemasonry, we make true
friends, improve ourselves, and have a positive impact on our

Highlights about Freemasonry

What is Freemasonry?

“Freemasonry is a system of morality vailed with allegory and illustrated by symbols”. Better yet it’s a progressive moral science.

Today’s freemasonry is not longer operative only but speculative. That means that it’s no longer open for the stone mason workmen only but any good person who believes in the principles of freemasonry can become a member. We use the working tools of the workmen Masons who built buildings and Cathedrals to teach how to build out own Temple. Each tool as it has a duty in the building of an edifice it also has a duty in building a better us.

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Raven's Rock

Become a Member

 You can become a Mason by asking a fellow Mason or contacting the lodge directly.

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